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Healing Arts Institute LLC 

Welcome to the Healing Arts Institute, School of Massage Therapy. The Healing Arts Institute was founded in 2013 as a full curriculum night school program for future massage therapists. Our Program contains 500 hours of class time covering all the areas of therapeutic massage you will need to thrive in today's market.


If you are looking to become a Full Time Professional Massage Therapist or just looking for a great part time career, this program is a great fit. The class time is just 2 nights a week, allowing you the time you need to hold a job and study.


Garrett Hovendick
​Program Coordinator

Class of 2015

Our Staff

Most of the class instruction will be by Garrett Hovendick LMT, who also holds a masters in Health Sciences, specializing in Anatomy & Physiology, and Kinesiology. All of our teaching staff is educated in massage, teaching, and/or the specialty they present.

Our Goal

Our mission is to provide the finist education possible while keeping  program cost at a managable level and keep classes at a level you can learn optimally with minimal stress and burnout. We strive to keep classes fun and informative while producing the highest caliber of Massage Therapist possible.

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